Why Spending Time in a Park a Great Idea

To avoid the toxicity of your everyday hustle and not feel overwhelmed, you have to at least, take a few hours break from your computer works and take a lazy walk and unwind in a park, alone!

Yes, you heard it right! Being alone is the best time to release that negatives and stresses that your everyday routine brings!

According to  studies, feeling alone  and being  sad  and  spending alone are two different things. When someone is forced to be alone, it has a negative impact and needs professional help but wanting to be alone in preparation for a significant event or a recollection for mindfulness is a good thing. So be sure, if you want to just unwind, then go! 

Without pressures and your  mind  and  thoughts  are  focused  or relaxed,  the  best  place to  go is  in  a park! Feel  the  air,   the tranquility and the beauty of autumn, right at that moment.

The park I  chose to spend time  exploring  was  at Tsu  in  Mie Pref. called Kairaku Park. Amazing views of the cherry blossoms during spring. Adorned with paper lanterns and lights, where the park is known!

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And of course, had fun with my camera and the timer was a great help 😉 Took photos everywhere and the best part was, there was no one around!

Was there for almost an hour or two and went home and ready for another hustle! 

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