A Girl's Adventure

Photos courtesy of Unica Hija blog 
This is a guest post of a fourth year college student in the Philippines, sharing to us her island hopping adventure in one of the beautiful islands of IloIlo, Philippines. Her blog Unica Hija is the real home of her adventures and walks!

As a Filipina, and a lover of beach myself, I can assure and testify the beauty of the Philippine waters of which I am very proud to promote! We are often visited by different foreign nationals because of our beaches and of course, the warmth of the Filipino people.

Today, Geocel Marie (GM) will take us on a virtual island hopping to 3 islands, Calabaza, Nasidman and Gin-asyan Islands!

Calabaza island is located in the northern part of Panay, Calabaza Island also known as "The Parola Island" is where you can see the ruins of the parola and historical lighthouse build during the Spanish era.

Nasidman Island panoramic view (credits to: Unica Hija)

These amazing views of the island which she vigorously captured was a real treasure that needs to be preserved!

Gin-Asyan Islands (credits* to Unica Hija)

These view made me want to visit the real one! I need to book to IloIlo, the next time I go back to the Philippines!

G narrates:

"Months had passed, I was craving for sea breeze and smell of the beach. In short, I need some summer activities. Since I have a 2-day off from work, my cousin and I planned to go island hopping somewhere far from where we stay. By searching for the best spots fit to the budget, after so many suggestions, I have finally decided where to go..
You can read more of the story at her blog

Thank you G! More fun at your travels and adventures! 

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