Strolling at Osaka

Thursday morning and we were up early for this day's family date, where to, you say?

We took an Express Train ride to Osaka, my boys tagged along, it has been quite awhile since our last train ride, our boy, a little grown and can now appreciate things enjoyed it the most.

The purpose was for important documents to be authenticated, really, but we always made it sure to include a pleasure trip with the family, business mix with pleasure, so to say.

First photo stop was the office of the Ministry of Japan, for the authentication,  see here for the process

Tourist Map

Osaka can be confusing with a very complex structure just like Tokyo. Kanji Characters can be intimidating especially with foreign tourists visiting the country that is why the Romaji (instructions in Alphabet that is) is a big help.

You have to take a lazy walk to Dotonbori when in Osaka, recommended for new comers.

The Gaimusho 

Of course, do not forget Tsuruhashi, if you want to find best buys, korean shops and spicy foods, affordable prices for your shopping spree, it can all be bought here. You will surely enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is also near the ever famous amusement park Universal Studios Japan. Or see the Osaka Castle and nearby tourist spots. You will surely enjoy Japan, the people, the culture and the place itself!

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