Nachi Beach: The Heat Is On

Panoramic view Nachi Beach Katsuura Wakayama

 Summer will always be a time for vacations, camps and beach. As lovers of the sea like us, we always
want that perfect time with an enjoyable and pleasure trip with family all tagged along. The view of the mountains while taking that pleasurable dip of this gorgeous beach at Wakayama Japan, the Nachi Beach. Crystal clear waters, magnificent view, white sands, you get it all here at the south. 
Swim as much as you can, snorkel activities is fun here. Other activities also are also served, surf pads are available for rent.

 Amenities are free shower, a kiosk if you want to buy food (available are fries, kakigori(shaved ice with flavored syrups like strawberry, mango and melon, instant ramen,  etc.) You can even put your own tent without a fee (other beach here are more expensive, that is why we recommend this)
With a 500 yen parking fee, one person can enjoy a free ride with the giant slide all through the day.

Nachi Beach is located at Nachi Katsuura, Wakayama. For the complete guide through car click here

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