Education in Japan

I have been too preoccupied with my everyday activity, mother duties with entrepreneur duties on the side that I have not updated my blogs. Although, I am aching to write and the ideas were stucked at the back, I cannot find the perfect time to do! So, tonight I commit before going to bed I will be posting this, about Japan's education system and the realization of the struggles of having and caring for a student.

Just recently, my boy had his schools' recital, they call it here as "hapyoukai (発表会) where they are assigned of a theme and think by themselves how to present it through art. They practiced their presentation through songs, essays or poems. They are also encouraged to write kanji characters per grade and put it in a display.

Not like the first time, I was kind of getting used and enjoyed and awed by the display of creativity by the students and the ideas that was being presented with their themes.

I was also thankful with the teachers guidance and for giving each of the student's ample time to create such amazing works.

Even the first graders are not spared and has shown the creativity early on..

Usually held Autumn season, where atmosphere is just fine for an outdoor events. What I am liking it here is the neatness and organization is just outstanding. They have a very organized system from the schools' programs to managing the traffic, as not to cause disturbance of the outside community. I just love it and very different to what I am accustomed at home. Oh well, it is not to be compared considering the level of education and the culture diffrences though. Each has it's own. I still love my schools' organization though and where I was educated.

It was a succesful Recital and is commendable specially the teachers and faculty members.

Minnasan otsukaresamadeshita, yoku gambaremashita. 

Sensei tachi ni okagesamade, kodomo tachi konna subarashi mono wo tsukutte, oshietekurete, arigatou gozaimashita! 

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