True Meaning of Empathy

my growing boy with his bicycle

We were once again at the park and upon watching my boy having fun with his bicycle riding I thought to blog. It has been days since I posted this video and until now the inspiration I got upon watching it kind of moved me that it stays with me until now.

I was touched by this viral video that I happened to share at Facebook about kids with Autism and the page featured a boy with Down syndrome and how his elder brother protect him from people who laughs at his brothers' condition. I was quite in awe on how the children were raised and how the parents made a good job on raising the kids. 

This video made me think about the importance of taking responsibilty, of taking care of another family member. Of protecting the weak at a very young age. That it is not all sad having kids with this condition. As the father said, it is the best thing that ever happened to him. And he earns my respect with the statement. That it is possible for them to be happy inspite of. Actually, made me cry, and being played how many times, it seems that I cannot get enough of these two brothers' perfect showing of unconditional love. 

Here, we can say that in a family, we are each other's keepers.

(video credit: Special Books for Special Kids)

I love your photo, Ann! I watched the video and I find it so inspiring and touching! I find it so sad when others either make fun of people with disabilities or totally ignore them. They are human beings with feelings just like the rest of us and I thank you so much for sharing this. I shared a video on my blog quite a while back about a man with down syndrome who owns his own restaurant in the U.S. He hugs his customers and makes them feel welcome and takes great care to ensure that their dining experience is an enjoyable and memorable one. Again, thank you so much for sharing this!


If only everyone can see the beauty of each other, how wonderful this world would be. Thank you also for the inspiring thoughts and warm comments! Sending love and light your way, Linda!