Beating the Summer Heat at Aqua Adventure

Ideal for the whole family
The scorching heat of the sun plus the humidity makes you want to go for a forever dip either in a river or a pool. Japan's summer reaches peak level during August where air conditioners cooling effect ( with a combination power of an electric fan ) is not enough. You can imagine how hot it is and once summer hits in, the whole country is set for an extra precautionary measures not to be dehydrated. Yes, even when you are at home, reports of people rushed to the hospital because of dehydration (mostly elders) so you are to be very extra careful if you spend summer here.

Suzuka Circuit's Aqua Adventure pool area opens only on summer months so you can have a pool fun while having a dip or have a ride after pool time. A grand hit with the whole family most specially children.

the gift shop

people flock on its wide pool

Every year we are using this free ticket where you can go inside Suzuka Circuit with free entrance, you only have to pay for the ride tickets (with discount also) which we consider as a good bargain and you can have fun every year ( good for five persons, usually expires the next year so you can go as long as you want without you paying entrance fee ) Free parking on weekdays, just make sure you check all events ( it is stated at the back of the ticket voucher, there are days the ticket can't be use; racing events, holidays etc. ) All tickets are sold out so if you want to avail next year, hit me a message at Facebook.

greens and blue, pleasing to the eye

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