What's in an Indian Restaurant?

Sitar Restaurant located at Marm

Both of us, hubby and me, haven't tried Indian gourmet yet so we decided to spend time together and the restaurant was the choice to go! And it is just along the neighborhood! 

The side dish

A kind of crispy treat that goes well with beer

Our choices

Green curry for me and hubby goes for the creamy cheese


The nan was a perfect pair with my green curry, that was made from spinach, and loved the combination of them, there will be more next time for this I'm sure.

At first glance, I wonder how can I devour  the nan but once you have taken the first bite, you can't stop! Mouth watering for a first timer and not that fond of nan. Why have I waited this long to have this? Oh well..

Hubby also, who is a picky eater ( I cannot make him eat Filipino foods ) but he was okay with this one.

We will be back Sitar, thank you! 

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