Hatsumode at Kumano Hongu Taisha

Japan New Years Day Traditional Visit to Shrines

The beginning of another year is set for Japan as people marched through shrines on the first day of the year. Hatsumode ,the first visit of shrines starts from the first day of the year until the second week. The main place of worship for the Kami Amaterasu is at Ise Jingu.

One of the routes of the O-Ise O Mairi is Kumano Hongu Taisha, as what I mentioned here, one of the 33 shrines to be visited is Kumano Taisha and by trudging the routes of Kumano Kodo, pilgrims believed that they are going to heaven once they fulfill the marks and completed it during their lifetime.

O mikuji - written fortunes tied on a tree/wood by people who wish to make them come true or cast away bad fortune 

The basin for cleaning before entering the temple/shrine

The beauty and atmosphere with the cottonlike slight snow makes it perfect

Warming up

Worshippers lining up for the O mairi(prayer)

The coldness and snow was not an issue with the people lining up for their turn to worship. O mamori (amulets) also are being sold inside and for different aspects; business, health, or marriage. The stone stairs to the main altar took us awhile to reach the top because of the thick line of people. But it was a nice experience to be able to climb through with the whole family.

Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage, Kumano Hongu Taisha is located at Wakayama Prefecture.



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