Blumen Hugel Agricultural Park in Shigaken

Red Salvias' at Blumen Hugel Farm

Viking Restaurant Edelweiss
Blumen Hugel farm in Shigaken is an agricultural and culture-themed park modeled on a German town in middle ages. The farm has a laidback atmosphere that will make you spend the day the way you want it. Strolling with love ones along the flower fields, taking a nice chitchat with friends, local beer and handmade sausage on hand or playing with your kids. This park is recommended for family and children will love the interaction with sheeps, horses ( you can ride with a fee ), or see the entire farm with the chu chu train. There are also handmade crafts that can be made for groups, you can have a reservation for that such as making sausage, leather craft, sewing, making silver rings,  clear candle making, apple and melon tart. This is ideal for students or organizations. On November 22 and 24, they will host a Blumen market event wherein you can witness on how breads and sausages are made and have a feast til you drop. This seems like an enjoyable event.

Those who love the quitness and the laidback lifestyle with the sight of seasonal flowers or even an inquisitive traveller who wants to go to other places in Japan, this is for you.

a leathercraft logo outside the shop
The trip to Blumen Hugel Farm in Shiga Prefecture was unexpected. We cancelled the days activity to make way for this adventure. It was not a very bright day but we spent and enjoyed it, thankful it didn't rain either

the entrance to Blumen Hugel

There was this maze for kids and adults and other recreational rides with separate fees, ride with pony for little kids and adults as well. Another dream came true for me. I wanna try riding a horse but afraid I might fall, this time I made it! Was so glad!

son with the gentle pony carrying him 

my two boys love cats!

the most loved part, Brushwood Slide, we can stay here for the day, had so much fun

the chuchu train will take you a ride around the park

the Alpacas, just sitting still, love the sight of them

The only thing that we observed is the lack of maintenance or it was not maintained enough, but thinking of the theme as laidback in German town is kind of lacking.

For guides and events, you can check their website

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