Ride with Suzuka Circuit

Suzuka Circuit is the promoter of Japanese Motorsports and among one of the known Formula One hosts in Japan. It aims to nurture drivers that may able to compete in an international level.
Opened on 1962, and became the full-fledged race course and is a world destination when it comes to F1 races viewing. The resort aims to educate also the young riders or drivers, they are offering a self drive amusement park which kids can play and can easily maneuver. They have Motopia, an amusement park for young children that offers wide range of driving entertainment (toddlers accompanied by parents, elementary level can enjoy rides) and is based on the corporate vision of cultimating future fans and promoting car culture in Japan according to their website. You can stay or book yourself a day or two in one of their hotels and see other attractions within Suzuka area.

The training course for kids

The entrance to the International Racing Course


Enjoy your ride,

drive safely!

my little rider

the bike training course upclose

Panoramic View Motopia Amusement Park

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