Fresh air at Gojobans Home ( Matsusaka Castle Ruins Park )

The chirping of the birds urged me to look outside the window only to be greeted with a very refreshing air and a scorching heat, suddenly it feels like summer! No, because summer is not here yet. Took advantage of the lovely day outside, me and son grab our bikes, packed some lunch and off with our bikes we went! Where? Oh, just around the neighborhood. And so we went, biked all the way until we reached the Matsusaka Castle Ruins Park which was a Gojoban's Home or Gojoban Yashiki and also called as Castle Guardsman House where "Kyu Kishu Hanshi" warriors in the olden times who were incharge of guarding the Matsusaka castle and lived during the later part of Edo era (where castle was built some 1588 years ago, yes history at my fingertips!) Considered myself lucky in many ways :)

One of the attractions here is the wisteria and cherry blossoms during Springtime. Though great with any time of the year, people flock in this famous park during those seasons.

people from different cultures or countries exploring the place

This park is also great for morning walks, meditations, or if you just want to be alone, this place is perfect.

Located at Kyomachi, this park is very near the cityhall, hospital and the station, Bus station is just a walk away so feel free to roam around.

If you want more of what can the city of Matsusaka can offer, check here



It is a famous and attractive sight to see in Osaka. Matsusaka Castle now known as Matsusaka Park, is still worth visiting for its views of the town below, a number of interesting museums in the castle park and for the cherry-blossom and wisteria blooms in season. I have been visited this place about a year ago but now I want to go there again in coming vacations after my nyc niagara tours with my family.


Hi Henry! Thank you for the visit and time to comment. I agree with you on that. It is great to share my own experiences with fellow travel enthusiasts such as yourself. Enjoy your tours and adventures and you are very welcome to come back anytime here, Japan is waiting for you!