Spring at Bell Forest Park

Rain fell on Friday and was worried that the blossoms went along but it stayed and was as beautiful as I imagined.

It was the birthday of our big man but unfortunately he was at work so me and son spent our Saturday afternoon seeing the blossoms (late afternoon was the celebration so we have to spend few hours there). The place was very near to us and very convenient to drive and to spend lazy walks and also a play haven for kids. People with picnic bags and mats were already enjoying the cherry blossoms and laying there chitchatting with their friends and families.

Blossoms in full bloom

weeping blossoms

companionship under the blossoms

a lovely afternoon like this is a blessing

parents relaxing while kids are having fun

they are having the grandest time with the blossoms

The other side of the street is kinda inviting so we went and took a series of shots. Son on his bicycle, me on my feet with my camera. This is how we bond, mother and son precious time on the record plus the sakura !

blossom parade

On the riverside, one family took time to have barbeque under the cherry trees, caught a very lovely pic with them laughing. Life is good! Praise God!


Hanazono Bridge view

splendid days are here

at riverside park

Bridge and blossoms coordination

just lovely sitting there

oh, the colors I so love!

this man found a nice place for his practice

You can access Suzu no Mori Park from Matsusaka Station through bus/ ride (approximately 5 to ten minutes). Just infront of the Public Library/Community Center.

Upon going to Matsusaka from Osaka,Nagoya etc., please see  Matsusaka transportation guide

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