Lake Biwako Cruising with Michigan Cruiser

 We stopped by South of Shiga Prefecture in a place called Hamaotsu, Otsu City as we had our fun drive, where the famous Lake Biwa also known in whole Japan as the mother of all lakes.

cloudy skies as we approach the area
 Weather was not on our side,we went early morning to avoid the rain in the late afternoon according to the forecast but still we we're caught by noon! Rain started to pour. Since we arrived, we decided to ride the Michigan Cruiser And we didn't regret it! It was FUN!!

view of the lake from the pleasure boat
The Elegant Hall
a man caught fishing in this part,staff stopped him
Otsu Shigaken

Host while the boat is being prepared, he entertains the passengers through his tricks
having a great time fishing
 The Michigan Cruiser, an american themed sightseeing pleasure boat is offering a cruising service around the southern part of the lake.

tourists flocked, locals and foreigners alike

At the pleasure boat, a band from Australia performed for the guests throughout the trip. We had a grand time with the performers.

You can have light snacks aboard during the whole trip. You can arrange for a reservation if you want a sumptous meal inside. For fares, you can check here

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