Breathtaking Cherry Blossoms Season in Japan

The awaited springing of cherry blossoms in Japan, commonly called Sakura 
(桜) considered as national flower, is widely recognized. This tree is so unique, you can't find a single leaf even in full bloom. These flowers are in full bloom during end of March or beginning of April. The beauty of  "sakura "  mesmerizes everyone. 

Cherry blossoms symbolizes mortality, the extreme beauty and quick death made it more prevalent for celebration. Here now, gone tomorrow, makes people appreciate the beauty this season brings! In Japan, celebration such as Hanami  (cherry blossoms viewing under the cherry trees) often leads to reunions, new year hopes mostly for jobs, new life, new challenges and company of friends, workers and families are seen during this time. Having the chance to experience the blossoms for that year is a thing that Japanese people are thankful for, foreign resident's had also learned to adapt and love the custom.

Our Hanami cherry blossom shoots took place at Kairaku Park. We planned to go the following day but weather report looks bad so we chose to go at night which was more favorable.

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