Nagoya Castle:A Walk from the Past

September 20 2012-We rose to a sunbeamed morning excited for the walk to the historical Meijo (Nagoya Castle).We went through train ,finding it more convenient than having to go with car.

By Subway(Meijo Line) ,we get off at the siyakusho(city hall)and walked about 10 minutes to the castle.

As we approached the historical landscape,university students came in sight with their sketching paraphernalias sitting passively on benches and on mats with hands busy doing their own drawing interpretation of the castle.

In 1610,the Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu ordered Kiyomasa Kato to build stone walls of castle towers for Nagoya Castle.When transporting huge stone,he stood on it and incited the men pulling the cart.
Playing Samurais inside the Nagoya Castle
Awesome Facade of the Honmaru Palace


(Edo)The Wooden Frame Golden Well
One of the keep frames hanging in the castles wall

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