Cebu, A Place Called Home

Three hours of a plane ride to Manila and another 45 to 50 minutes if you are going to my native homeland, Cebu.We arrived around 5:30 pm Pacific Time and whispered a prayer of thanks for the safe and smooth journey. I was excited because it was our first time for the whole family together (usually it was just me or sonthis time husband tagged along which was his first Philippine trip).
Welcome to Cebu Daddy!
 We were to witness the famous Sinulog Festival but sadly it didn't go that way. Since we were about to go home the next day(this trip was short, just had issues with The Land of the Transportation Office for my Drivers License and a glimpse of Sinulog supposedly and we have to go back to Japan) Instead, I showed him The Philippine Taoist Temple which is located in Beverly Hills and he enjoyed it there ( I was relieved, at least) so was I and my son.

The famous Taoist Dragon


It states: Taoism Procedures by using a pair of kidney shape wooden blocks as  a medium to communicate with God for your question, problem or wish:

1)Wash your hands representing cleanliness.

2)Light a Joss stick, then kneel down by holding the Joss stick with both hands and pray for guidance to enlighten your problem or wish.

3)Hold a  pair of blessed wooden blocks,flat-side up with both hands.

4)Ask your question, problem or wish in a
simple manner(one question at a time)

5)Drop the wooden blocks gently to the floor and your answer will be according to its                                                                                                positions:(Refer to the picture)

A.Before asking your questions, problem or wish, you have to request permission whether God is ready to accept enlightening to your question in mind. (follow procedure no.5)

B.If the answer is YES, then start asking question, problem or wish.

C.If the answer is NO, then you have to come back some other day and ask again.

D.If the answer is MAYBE, then your question, problem or wish is not very clear.Simplify your question and ask again or consult the temple attendant.

E.After all your question, problem or wish have been answered, please kneel down and express your thanks to God and ask for his blessings and graces in life.

Metro Cebu at its best view


Since I wasn't that fortunate to attend the day of merriment I just content myself with what's left of the festival.No more dancing participants on the streets, no more buzzing here, squeezing here and there and of course, no more traffic.

The Sinulog Winners of Masbate Tribu Lingganay(we coincidentally bumped with them at the temple)Below is the winning performance.

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