3 Ways to Start a Blog in Japan

You are in Japan and you have knowledge that can offer and can benefit people (whatever it is .. you are selling something, or you love cars, fond of collecting etc. and want to make a business out of it, and want to reach out to them)?

You can put it all in a blog!

But hey, what is a blog by the way!

According to Wikipedia, a blog is a discussion or informational website published in the worldwideweb that consists of discrete often informal diary text entries known as posts. - (source wikipediadotorg)

It is often a personal opinion or views of the blogger.

Okay, but you say, how? Where to start?

1.) Build trust first with your audience.

If you have a huge following on Facebook and your audience is  a responding audience, you may offer them your services after you have gained their trust! You have to put value always in your posts.

2.) Create a free blog at Blogger.com or Wordpress.com

This service is free! You can instantly create using blogspotdotcom or wordpressdotcom. (For paid platforms, use wordpressdotorg) If you want to know more and looking for recommendations, I have a closed Facebook group for discussions, you can join and ask directly specific questions.

3.) Hire someone that can set up your blog for you!

You will have to pay or start an investment if you are serious in making money with a blog. If you would like to start and learn how to, you can directly message me here.

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The Trivago Commercial Girl

Was amazed of the Trivago Commercial girl in Japan that I searched who and why she speaks so fluent, you will mistake her for a local! The pronounciations, the intonation even may not mistake her for being such good speaker. One cannot fathom why the western looking lady speaks Japanese so fluently.. and so I featured her with this post.

The hotel metasite Trivago, had found a gold in Natalie Emmons. The commercial was made not just Japanese locals in awe of her Japanese language proficiency also foreign people who lived and who studies the language in Japan. 

Let us know her! 

An American Singer / Songwriter who once live in Osaka. She started out by watching Studio Gibli's Hana Yori Dango ( in Philippines this was the F4 famous series ), "Boys Over Flowers". And a huge fan of singer Angela Aki, was connected with Universal Studios Japan in 2010 and had the opportunity to work with the locals (hence the pronounciation or hatsuon so perfect) 

Her perseverance was rewarded in 2012 when she made her debut on the NTV show のどじまんザ!ワールド (Nodo-jiman Za! Wārudo — literally, “Singing Contest: The World”). The recent Trivago ads 
have arguably had even an bigger impact, leading to more commercial work with language study firm .. (more of the article  here  The Japan Times)

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Strolling at Osaka

Thursday morning and we were up early for this day's family date, where to, you say?

We took an Express Train ride to Osaka, my boys tagged along, it has been quite awhile since our last train ride, our boy, a little grown and can now appreciate things enjoyed it the most.

The purpose was for important documents to be authenticated, really, but we always made it sure to include a pleasure trip with the family, business mix with pleasure, so to say.

First photo stop was the office of the Ministry of Japan, for the authentication,  see here for the process

Tourist Map

Osaka can be confusing with a very complex structure just like Tokyo. Kanji Characters can be intimidating especially with foreign tourists visiting the country that is why the Romaji (instructions in Alphabet that is) is a big help.

You have to take a lazy walk to Dotonbori when in Osaka, recommended for new comers.

The Gaimusho 

Of course, do not forget Tsuruhashi, if you want to find best buys, korean shops and spicy foods, affordable prices for your shopping spree, it can all be bought here. You will surely enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.

It is also near the ever famous amusement park Universal Studios Japan. Or see the Osaka Castle and nearby tourist spots. You will surely enjoy Japan, the people, the culture and the place itself!

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Japan's J Alert System In Times Of Dangerous Threat

North Korea launched another ballistic missile test and this time it crosses over Japan and landed near the sea at Hokkaido Japan.

Woke up yesterday with husband switching the television and upon seeing that government authorities were very busy dealing with the recent activity, we at home upon watching, morning routine was interrupted with a warning and the area where the missile's path was advised  to take cover

Though it landed harmlessly at the sea, it was a total meiwaku (annoyance and a grave threat to Japan's peace and quite living) Bullet trains were temporarily stopped and commuters had to wait for few hours until it cleared.

Messages of concern from relatives and friends overseas were flooding my inbox. 

Japan has a system called J Alert (全国瞬時警報システム Zenkoku Shunji Keiho Shisutemu), where television screens, mobile phones and sirens are sent as  a warning to take cover and seek shelter once a ballistic missile passes. 

When  times of typhoon or disasters, citizens received these kind of messages. 

To all who are in Japan, let us all be one in prayers that nothing will happen inspite of those "reckless" playing of weapons. We can only hope that they may have the will to stop. 

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Lazy Summer Afternoon

boys enjoyed the "finding nemo in the river" part the most

Okay, so summer means longer and brighter days and long vacation with the kids at home. Parents need to plan where and how to spend it differently this year. 
In Japan, school prepares the long vacation with summer assignments and journals for the students, so even in vacation, they have an activity to work on everyday, the learning continues while having their adventures whether at home or outdoors.

We took our boy to the nearest river park here and challenged him to look something, whatever they may find at the park and make an essay. Fortunately, a fellow student of the same school was there and the company made it more fun (he doesn't have to deal and play with just mom and dad)!

They found a Haze fish and kawa baby shrimps that doubles the fun, took a series of photographs for his school report and as a prize for the job well done, he got an ice cream which was the best part, according to him. The joys of childhood ehh. 
We also enjoyed the brief stay and quality time. Nothing like seeing the ones you loved happy, isn't it?

To those who want to go and bring their kiddos,  just few minutes from Bellfarm, you can see a gasoline station and from the nearest Family Mart convenience store, go right and drive for  approximately 5 minutes and you are there.

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Nachi Beach: The Heat Is On

Panoramic view Nachi Beach Katsuura Wakayama

 Summer will always be a time for vacations, camps and beach. As lovers of the sea like us, we always
want that perfect time with an enjoyable and pleasure trip with family all tagged along. The view of the mountains while taking that pleasurable dip of this gorgeous beach at Wakayama Japan, the Nachi Beach. Crystal clear waters, magnificent view, white sands, you get it all here at the south. 
Swim as much as you can, snorkel activities is fun here. Other activities also are also served, surf pads are available for rent.

 Amenities are free shower, a kiosk if you want to buy food (available are fries, kakigori(shaved ice with flavored syrups like strawberry, mango and melon, instant ramen,  etc.) You can even put your own tent without a fee (other beach here are more expensive, that is why we recommend this)
With a 500 yen parking fee, one person can enjoy a free ride with the giant slide all through the day.

Nachi Beach is located at Nachi Katsuura, Wakayama. For the complete guide through car click here

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