The Liebster Award Nomination

Okay, I apologised to Joe of JoeTravelblogs for the late reciprocation of my nomination, but
want to say Thank You, Joe for the nomination! Joe is also a  travel blogger , who always make me laugh, I love his articles and am a follower of his blog.

About the  Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a fun way to recognize up and coming blogs. 

These are the rules:

Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog. Give the award to 5-10 new bloggers who you appreciate. Leave  a comment to their blog, letting them know that you have given them the awesome award!


1. What are you most proud of your life? My family.

2.Which is your favorite city you have been to? Europe, Italy!

3. Which TV show is your guilty pleasure? It is a Japanese Travel/Comedy show called "ItteQ"

4. What is your favorite form of social media? Facebook and Instagram

5. Can you speak any other language? Yes, I can speak 2 other languages other than my native language.


1. The most unforgettable moment of your life?

2. What is/are your present goals?

3. How long have you been blogging?

4. What is your favorite food?

5. What is your favorite life quote?


I nominate the following people for the Liebster Award:

1. The Suburban Wedgie by freelance writer Naomi Fryers

2. Dipkisstravelersblog by two love birds Rob and Jolie

3.Bliss Memoires by Rica, who is now exploring the world without spending too much.

4. My Motivated Mind Tips on how to stay positive and motivated.

5. Pursuing Delights by Elva Fisher on how to manage home and tips for parenting

6. Roshkhanna beautiful writing of a technical graduate and lecturer to upcoming engineers.

7. Squarenoid the blog about blogging

8.Marichiworld Cool products for you 

9. Waitmarinawho travel stories and pieces of her thoughts on her blog

10. Italianbites your guide to speaking Italian

There you are! It is your turn and all you have to do is link my blog, answer my questions and nominate 5-10 bloggers for the award in a blog post!

Happy blogging Y"all!

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Why Spending Time in a Park a Great Idea

To avoid the toxicity of your everyday hustle and not feel overwhelmed, you have to at least, take a few hours break from your computer works and take a lazy walk and unwind in a park, alone!

Yes, you heard it right! Being alone is the best time to release that negatives and stresses that your everyday routine brings!

According to  studies, feeling alone  and being  sad  and  spending alone are two different things. When someone is forced to be alone, it has a negative impact and needs professional help but wanting to be alone in preparation for a significant event or a recollection for mindfulness is a good thing. So be sure, if you want to just unwind, then go! 

Without pressures and your  mind  and  thoughts  are  focused  or relaxed,  the  best  place to  go is  in  a park! Feel  the  air,   the tranquility and the beauty of autumn, right at that moment.

The park I  chose to spend time  exploring  was  at Tsu  in  Mie Pref. called Kairaku Park. Amazing views of the cherry blossoms during spring. Adorned with paper lanterns and lights, where the park is known!

 Read also: Breathtaking Cherry Blossoms Season in Japan

And of course, had fun with my camera and the timer was a great help 😉 Took photos everywhere and the best part was, there was no one around!

Was there for almost an hour or two and went home and ready for another hustle! 

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Samurai Home Upclose

The legendary home of the Samurais' can be found in Matsusaka Mie Prefecture!

Yes! Experience the feel of the Edo Period, during Samurai Era here. The home of the guardsmen of Matsusaka Castle also known as the Kisyu Clansmen. The place is preserved until now and the first house is being opened for public viewing! The Samurai families and descendants maintains the place. You can have a short walk here when you have the chance to go see Matsusaka Castle ruins just beside it!

Also Read: Fresh Air at Gojoban's Home

outside view

time warp?

the guide map

Very accessible by bus, from Matsusaka City Hall, just a three minutes walk! The views are superb during spring, recommend to visit during those times!

source: KankoMie
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A Girl's Adventure

Photos courtesy of Unica Hija blog 
This is a guest post of a fourth year college student in the Philippines, sharing to us her island hopping adventure in one of the beautiful islands of IloIlo, Philippines. Her blog Unica Hija is the real home of her adventures and walks!

As a Filipina, and a lover of beach myself, I can assure and testify the beauty of the Philippine waters of which I am very proud to promote! We are often visited by different foreign nationals because of our beaches and of course, the warmth of the Filipino people.

Today, Geocel Marie (GM) will take us on a virtual island hopping to 3 islands, Calabaza, Nasidman and Gin-asyan Islands!

Calabaza island is located in the northern part of Panay, Calabaza Island also known as "The Parola Island" is where you can see the ruins of the parola and historical lighthouse build during the Spanish era.

Nasidman Island panoramic view (credits to: Unica Hija)

These amazing views of the island which she vigorously captured was a real treasure that needs to be preserved!

Gin-Asyan Islands (credits* to Unica Hija)

These view made me want to visit the real one! I need to book to IloIlo, the next time I go back to the Philippines!

G narrates:

"Months had passed, I was craving for sea breeze and smell of the beach. In short, I need some summer activities. Since I have a 2-day off from work, my cousin and I planned to go island hopping somewhere far from where we stay. By searching for the best spots fit to the budget, after so many suggestions, I have finally decided where to go..
You can read more of the story at her blog

Thank you G! More fun at your travels and adventures! 

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3 Ways To Enjoy Autumn

Summer ended and kids are now busy again with school, so is dad and mom! As the cooler months come, families are thinking on how this year's fall be more memorable than before.

We love the colors of autumn and like everyone else, a where-to-go and what-to-do list is always the choice for organization.

1.) Have a Morning Walk 

Taking a walk outside and immersed yourself in the beauty of the season. It is not only good for your health, can be an effective way of releasing stress and giving you inspiration to kick start the day!

2.) Take Lots of Photos

Be sure to take your camera wherever you go! There are so many things to capture especially autumn leaves are turning to be visible. Fall is the favorite season to capture landscapes and stunning views, next to spring. Everywhere is beautiful. Find a model and shoot away, to your hearts content!

3.) Have a Feast

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In Japan, autumn means the appetite season! The feeling to eat more is much felt within this time. After the exhausting activity of summer heat and lost kilos, it is just okay to indulge yourself and enjoy your food cravings. Just don't overdo and triple the body weights.
Or if you overeats, make sure to take time for a workout to loose those extra. Keeping fit is always the rule.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Traveling with Family

We all know how important it is making time for our families in spite of the hectic schedules at work. The kids also has to keep up with the pressures at school and at home. Goes home, does homework, take  a shower and go to bed! Mom and Dad are exhausted after a whole day's work and hardly have time to talk or play. Everyone misses out and another day of their lives, spent doing all the life's cycle.

What a waste!

Everyday is supposed to be a chance for bond, for family to be happy and spend with each other to talk, play and just be there, communicating, right? But in reality it is not that easy.

Ours is the same.

And so, we put it off for bonding, on weekends! Yes! (Sounds like that, huh!)
So everyone is excited for the weekend to come!

Then came, bonding day!


Being there traveling and spending quality time with them, is a blessing. Lots of family nowadays are spending time alone, or away from the family they so long and loved. Money and time spent with them is always worth. Most of all, nurturing friendships, starts with them. As it is often said, the family is the foundation of the society, so in this time of divorce, separation and break ups, it is a thing to hold and be grateful for. And like a glass, careful never to break it.

The Disadvantages

Because of familiarity, they clash! Yes! The supposedly fun day became, a debate on what to eat, or where to go and argues of here and there, traffic, what else? On our part, husband always has this dilemma of everything undesirable in his sight. Though he was far worst before, now he mellows a bit, lol.  And then, that starts up, the never ending discussion of why care, (whether the man in the street, or the slow driver ahead of us, small, silly things actually, made you even laugh after the heat of discussion abated) it is supposed to be a fun day!

Mothers/homemakers really has to have a ton of patience and persistence, anyway it is the most precious of all, family.

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